The actual spreadsheet is here:

Setlist, 14 July 2012

This week’s show was lucky enough to feature new tracks from Frank Ocean’s incredible new album, “channel Orange” which is clearly one of the best albums of the year.

Here’s Frank Ocean live on the Jimmy Fallon show this week, backed by Fallon’s house band, The Roots:

Here are the tracks from today’s show as a mixtape on Dragontape:!/5380084

And here are the tracks as a Google Spreadsheet:

Setlist, 30 June 2012 – Summer!

This week, with the help of several very strong releases, I put together an hourlong setlist of only new songs for summer 2012, in addition to a lot of older favorites. There were three main discoveries this week, Gaby Moreno, Campo and Alpine.

Most of the clips from today’s show are also available on Dragontape:!/5301215

The entire setlist is up on Google Docs:

Setlist, 9 June 2012

This week’s show on Radio 1 had an inordinate amount of new music, and while I’m still looking for the Song of the Summer, we had a few contenders this week, including this one from RAC, as remixed by The Magician:

Then there’s the new remix of Bibio’s “Lover’s Carvings:”

and the craziest thing I heard all week, Los Miticos Del Ritmo’s cover of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” only this time done as a cumbia:

The entire setlist is here as a Google spreadsheet.


Setlist, 19 May 2012

This week I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time in airplanes, but at least I was able to use the time to put together this week’s Radio 1 show. There were a couple of great new tracks that I played, including this one from Major Lazer, “Free feat. Amber from Dirty Projectors”

Another strong track is this one from Electric Guest, “This Head I Hold”

but the show really belonged to Quantic and Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro. I’m really looking forward to their show this week at the Lucerna Music Bar.

Here’s the entire setlist from this week’s show as a Google Spreadsheet.

Setlist, 5 May 2012

This week’s show marked two important events: The passing of Adam Yauch, MCA of the Beastie Boys, and Cinco de Mayo. The first hour was devoted to some of my favorite Beasties tracks, including this one, which is probably my favorite video:

The last hour was devoted to Mexican music, both new and traditional. Here’s a classic clip from Los Lobos.

The entire setlist is here as a Google spreadsheet:

Setlist, 21 April 2012

This week’s show on Radio 1 had a lot of great music, but one of the standout releases this week was Thundercat’s “The Golden Age of Apocalypse” is definitely worth checking out. Here’s “Walkin'”

Videos from most of the tracks on the show are available thanks to the excellent Dragontape service:!/5015029

The whole setlist is here as a Google spreadsheet:

Setlist, 7 April 2012

This week’s clear winner is the new album by Quantic and Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro, “Look Around The Corner,” which is a clear candidate for album of the year. It’s that good.

This week’s clips are here as a Google spreadsheet:

And you can check out clips from the show here thanks to Dragontape:!/4931165