Last night’s DJing

Had a pretty good night last night DJing at Palac Akropolis. Played a six-hour set that ranged from Brasilian techno to nujazz for a small but appreciative crowd. What’s great about the Akropolis – besides being a great crowd – is the space; because it’s got wood walls, the acoustics are wonderful.

I DJ using my laptop, with the PCDJ Red software system. The reactions I get tend to be two-fold. A lot of the vinyl fetishists believe that DJing can only be done on vinyl, and completely deride anyone who doesn’t use turntables. And the other reaction comes from the gearheads, who will frequently come up and ask where they can get a cracked version of the software. I tell them that while there are cracked versions out there, the crack doesn’t work correctly. But PCDJ – with the DMC-1 controller – works great for me. It means that I have a record case of more than 2000 singles, and the ability to do lots of DJ tricks – stuff like loops, samples and beatmixing.

If you’re interested in trading mix CDs or tapes, let me know.

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