MF Dnes: Czechs Support US, But Very Carefully

(From today’s MF Dnes. Please excuse the rough translation. – douglas)
The Czech Republic is on the Americans’ side.

Even if the Czech government has not directly said that it supports the US in its war against Iraq, it understands the attack against it.

“It is regrettable that this step was not taken with a new UN mandate,” the government’s statement reads.

According to Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda, it can be understood that the government is on the side of the allies who are undertaking an attack on Iraq. Premier Vladimir Spidla later emphasized that the Czech-Slovak [chemical warfare[ unit currently stationed in Kuwait will not join in combat actions. Its task is, under parliamentary mandate, limited to lifesaving work.

Vice-premier Pavel Rychetsky strongly disagrees with the attack on Iraq, and angrily threatened resignation from the government.

The government also expelled four Iraqi diplomats, who have to leave the country by Friday.

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