Interesting proposal from Jim Henleyabout who should be in charge of postwar reconstruction in Iraq: Vaclav Havel.

“And there’s your transitional administration: the best liberal politicians and government officials from Eastern Europe. They understand, in the transition from tyranny to freedom, what has to be tossed out, who has to be held to account and when, instead, mercy must do the work of justice. They’ve lived it. They understand ethnic strife and where, unmanaged, it can lead. One country has even provided the rare example of constituent parts divorcing peacefully.”

A caveat, though. The mere fact that you’ve hit a home run once doesn’t automatically qualify you as the next Barry Bonds. Lots of the others who participated in the Velvet Revolution haven’t managed to parlay their successes further.

As I recall, longtime Czech dissident and Velvet Revolutionary Jiri Dienstbier was a UN Special Rapporteur for human rights in former Yugoslavia, but that his tenure was less than stellar.