Taking a break from the war for a second, I just want to thank my all-time hero Tony Pierce for the link stokage.

A recent post from Tony said:
“to protest the war, i will be twice as nice to my friends.

to protest the war, i will write at least four entries a day, starting tomorrow.

to protest the war, i will update my main page (tonypierce.com) more often.

to protest the war, i will eat more vegetables.

to protest the war, i will read the Bible every day.

to protest the war, i will never vote Republican again, unless they legalize weed….”

You gotta read the whole post, available here.

One thing that happened to me after 9/11 was that I really examined my own life, and looked at what it was that made me happiest. (I was one of the unlucky few in the air on both 9/11 and 9/12). One of these things was DJing, and I threw myself into it like I never had before.

This Friday, March 28, my homeboy Tony Ozuna and I will be Djing the Palac Akropolis here in Kafkaville, along with special guests Krozome 131 and Baroxmix, who will be coming all the way down from Berlin in support of their new 12″. If you’re in town, come check it out. If you ain’t or if you cain’t, a mix CD of yours gets one of mine…