From time to time I’ll give shout-outs to friends and colleagues (and others) who have interesting blogs. This time around the shout-outs go to:

Alex Zucker is, for my money, the best translator from Czech into English today. No disrespect intended to other great translators, but Alex gives the best idea of what Czech is like now. He’s just started a blog, which can be found at Plus Alex is one of my closest friends. So there.

Prague bloggers have been popping up like mushrooms after rain, and two to keep your eye on are journalist Scott MacMillan ( and longtime Pražak Steve Hercher’s Pragueblog (

MacMillan’s blog is wide-ranging, with posts on everything from Salam Pax to the Turkmen language to Michael Moore.

The Pragueblog, like most weblogs these days (including me) is posting about the war, but from the perspective of an expat living in Kafkaville.

Go check ’em out, and permalink.