The process of reconciling Czechs with their Communist past took an interesting turn yesterday when it was revealed that four officers of the 1st Czech-Slovak Anti-chemical Batallion were agents of VKR, the Communist-era military counter-intelligence.

MFDnes reports that one of the four was the batallion’s psychologist, Luděk Lávička, who is privy to the unit’s most intimate problems.

The batallion’s commander, DuÅ¡en Lupuljev, solved the crisis by convening an open-air “field court” with the entire 400-member batallion present. “I told my people that I trust these four,” Lupuljev said. “For example, Lávička has already saved several marriages when he calmed down soldiers’ wives over the telephone when they threatened suicide if their partners would not return.”

The chemists then voted their confidence in their four colleagues. “They settled it. In the end, the majority even shook hands with them,” Lupuljev said.

The records identifying Communist-era military agents were only opened to the public March 20, MFDnes wrote.