Mosaic war

Press refresh to get a new picture.

I’m starting to think of this the Mosaic War, because while we have unprecedented access to numerous sources of information, they only provide a pixel’s worth of information each.

If wars are the testing ground for new forms of media (lots has been made of network TV in Vietnam and CNN in Gulf War I), then sites like the Command Post,, Sgt. Stryker and have proven the importance and viability of group weblogs, where the task of monitoring numerous sources of information is divided among a number of like-minded people. They’ve done a very good job at monitoring a number of different news sources, and still manage to put their personal stamp on the news they come across.

I just came across a very useful site today, called “The Mother of All War Websites” that brings together numerous sources of live streamed media into one site, from Iraqi TV to Al Jazeera to CNBC and various local US stations. If you’re sitting on fat pipe, it’s totally worth checking out.

Added 9:50pm CET Friday: Another interesting site is This is a site that zaps between various satellite channels and presents you with a different screenshot every second or so. Hit “refresh” here to get another image, but obviously even better yet is to go out to this excellent site.

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