Last night’s set

Last night’s set at Palac Akropolis wasn’t well attended, but I had a good time anyway doing it. Maybe it was the snowstorm. Maybe it was the Monday night slot. Maybe it was people at home watching the War Show. I don’t know.

The coolest thing about the gig was as I was wrapping up, when a couple came up to me and said in Czech, “great set. Too bad there weren’t more people to hear it. Doesn’t that bother you?”

To which I recalled Kate Sullivan’s excellent comment a couple of days ago and said, “not at all. I love to play, and it doesn’t matter if there are five people or five thousand.”

Kate wrote: “Sometimes i’m proud of my lack of money. it makes me feel more rock. (it also makes me feel more smart, because i’ve figured out that being rich doesn’t make you happy. living in hollywood and knowing this is like having a secret superpower.) and if the weird rich music people i’m talking to don’t grasp the rockness of it, then i feel sad that rock culture has become so monetized. Some people get it. The smart people get it. And the ones who remember being poor and rock. Wealth really doesn’t make rock stars happy, just FYI. It makes them sad. They feel they’re losing the magic–and they are, usually. Wealth is rock’s big enemy.”

Highlights from the set list, for those of you keeping score at home:

Joseph Malik – Futuristica (Grand Unify Vox Remix)
Llorca – Indigo blues (Freeformreform)
Alexkid – Bienvenida
ltj vs. uovo – sambao
Los Chicharrons – Fifi Meets The Zombie
Truby Trio – Galicia (Zero db Remix)
Grupo Batuque – The Samba (4 Hero)
Suba – Samba Do Gringo Paulista (Zero db reconstruction)

Next is our big Friday gig, Friday, April 18 at Akropolis, headlining the Durex Latino Party. Just the name alone should give you an idea of the silliness in store.

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