PCDJ FX is here

A couple of years back, when Everquest came out, my friend Brian said he pretty much didn’t do anything else for a month. I always thought that was weird. Until…

Today I got my airborne shipment of Visiosonic’s new PCDJ FX softwarefor DJing. Maaaaaan.

I’m just now playing with it, and there are so many cool features I have no idea where to start. One of the wilder things it does is it’s able to change the tempo of a song without changing its key. Plus it’s got all these tools that make it more like a sampler.

As a club DJ, this is like the once every two years that Photoshop comes out. If I don’t post much these next couple of days, you’ll know why. Just make sure somebody at least comes and shoves food under the door.

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