Lupa on Weblogs

Over at the Czech IT website Lupa, Mirek Zeman has an article called, “Weblogs – the future of news?” (in Czech). I guess it’s a good thing he’s raising blogs’ profile among the Czech digerati, but he’s a good two or three years behind the curve. And you can’t exactly say that weblogs have been an ignored phenomenon abroad.

But this is a common trait on the Czech Internet: spot a trend well after it’s ascended elsewhere, and then see who’s doing Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V here.

It’s led to such groundbreaking services as, whose slogan was at one time “the Czech Amazon,” or any number of portals copying Yahoo (disclosure – this includes one I was involved with at one time long ago). No wonder investors have a hard time finding worthwhile things to invest in.

Truth told, I do hope Czechs take to blogging. I’m beginning to see signs of that now. We should see the real takeoff when there’s a proper localization available – pMachine seems to be the front runner, although Movable Type has done some work.

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