After Matt Welch, Heather Havrilesky and Xeni Jardin, I decided to give Rob’s Amazing Poetry Generator a try. This is a little program that takes a website and turns it into poetry (or pseudo-poetry). Extra drinks here’s what the Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator generated based on my blog:

Arellanes com Czech digerati,
this weblog
is celebrated
mostly the Bulgarian newspaper
Dněvnik. This site: turns up
and Iveta Bartošová? In
the thing raising profile among the experience
with the Bulgarian company has
an article called,
Weblogs Lidovky: Bulgarians
Develop Vodka ¡Cinco de Mayo!
that experiencing unseasonably warm
It with a trend well Hope to the
unwanted side effects of my own
case, I learned about
being outside on the drink
contains vitamins C, c, , =B1 B2, honey, milk
and commie photos. try
to the reverb and biting
commentary. This is truly atrocious.