Pretty good news for one of my favorite beers in the world – Budejovicky Budvar. They just won exclusive rights to the names “Budweiser” and “Bud” in Austria. Anheuser-Busch has rights to it in several countries, and in some countries – the UK notably – both companies can sell beer called “Bud.”

Country by country, Budvar is chipping away at the global brand. I only wish they had better distribution in the US, where they use the weird-ass name of “Czechvar.” What are they thinking with that?

A few years ago Anheuser-Busch was trying to win hearts and minds in Ceske Budejovice by opening a “St. Louis Cultural Center.” Anybody remember that?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my favorite Czech beers are:

1) Platan
2) Pivovarsky senk, Chyne (excellent microbrewery on the other side of Ruzyne airport)
3) Budvar
4) Bernard svatecni lezak
5) Holba

Granat is a close sixth, btw…

In what is of course a comments troll, list your favorite Czech beers in the comments.

Added 14:09 CET: Today’s MF Dnes, in their “Test” section, has a good rundown of small breweries (in Czech). In their test, Svijansky Rytir placed first, alongside Janacek and Vyskovsky Breznak.