That Not So Fresh Feeling

You got to give it up for Bloopy, operator of, currently published out of Kafkaville. Bloopy is an International Man of Leisure, which usually involves odd hours and a lot of traveling.

In what is news to me, one recent post announces the advent of “Cheese Week” at McDonalds, where McDonald’s has finally topped the McBucek with – are you ready? – McSmazeny Syr:

anyway, as i was in the mood for a big mac extra value meal, i wandered up to the counter behind a group of the lowest form of expat (esl teachers) and perused the menu. . . apparently it’s “cheese week” – something which would give any foodie a chub as “cheese week” in the czech republic *has* to mean, among other things, “mcsmazeny syr” (mcfried cheese). . . in case you were wondering, the mcdonald’s take on smazeny syr is five hunks of camembert cheese, breaded and deep-fried in sweet, sweet lard. . . mmmmnnnnn. . . lllllaaarrrrrd. . . and on a side note, “super-size” is no longer “xtra velky” here, it’s just “XL”. . .

Excellent stuff. Mmmmm. Lllllllaaaaarrrrrd. I have yet to take to the old-school Czech tradition of sadlo (lard) on morning toast, but I ain’t far from it.

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