You got to give it up for Bloopy, operator of, currently published out of Kafkaville. Bloopy is an International Man of Leisure, which usually involves odd hours and a lot of traveling.

In what is news to me, one recent post announces the advent of “Cheese Week” at McDonalds, where McDonald’s has finally topped the McBucek with – are you ready? – McSmazeny Syr:

anyway, as i was in the mood for a big mac extra value meal, i wandered up to the counter behind a group of the lowest form of expat (esl teachers) and perused the menu. . . apparently it’s “cheese week” – something which would give any foodie a chub as “cheese week” in the czech republic *has* to mean, among other things, “mcsmazeny syr” (mcfried cheese). . . in case you were wondering, the mcdonald’s take on smazeny syr is five hunks of camembert cheese, breaded and deep-fried in sweet, sweet lard. . . mmmmnnnnn. . . lllllaaarrrrrd. . . and on a side note, “super-size” is no longer “xtra velky” here, it’s just “XL”. . .

Excellent stuff. Mmmmm. Lllllllaaaaarrrrrd. I have yet to take to the old-school Czech tradition of sadlo (lard) on morning toast, but I ain’t far from it.