Last night I went to the Tulip Cafe to hopefully meet up with fellow bloggers, but didn’t see any. Then again, I wouldn’t know how a couple of you look in real life anyway.

Bloopy was gonna go, but he overslept:

how about if i change the subject to last night’s meeting of the prague bloggers?. . . word on the street is that it was, as noam chomsky once described a wine-and-cheese book signing, “a rager”. . . i was all set to go but i kinda dozed off while reading a book and didn’t wake up in time. . . probably a good thing as I’ve seen their blogs and, unlike me, they all seem to know how to write. .. proper. . . ly. . .

Regardless, the Tulip Cafe is a fine place to sit and drink a beer or two or 30.

Also, don’t forget that tonight I’m DJing in the Palac Akropolis’ Mala Scena. Get there early to catch LoOP (France) and Al-Yaman (Czech Republic).