Mandy Moore to skinny-dip in Vltava

I don’t know about the wisdom of swimming in the Vltava period, let alone swimming in it nude, but hey, you never know.

(From today’s Chicago Sun-Times)

LONDON–Mandy Moore was in a chatty mood Sunday night as she prepared to leave London for Prague to continue filming Warner Bros.’ flick about a rambunctious presidential daughter that is still called “Untitled Mandy Moore Project.”

The pop star-turned-actress did say there will be a nude scene in the film, “when my character jumps into the river in Prague … it’s her way of expressing her freedom.

“Frankly, I think I’d come up with another way, but that’s what’s in the script–so I’ll do it. But don’t worry, I’ve got a butt double!”

When reminded that showing off her butt had done wonders for Jennifer Lopez, Moore hooted, “If I had a butt as good as J. Lo’s I’d show it off, too!”

Standing to one side, Moore’s boyfriend, tennis ace Andy Roddick, exclaimed with mock horror, “You never told me about any nude scene!”

Moore laughed it all off, and then turned to talking about Chicago’s Jeremy Piven, who co-stars in the movie as a U.S. Secret Service agent charged with protecting the First Daughter. “Jeremy is great, but he is such a cutup. We can barely do a scene without him making me crack up!”

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