The Solstice Party

solstice_party_cd cover_final.png

If there’s anywhere in the world I’d like to be today – on the Summer solstice – it’d be in Santa Barbara, California, for the Summer Solstice parade. I don’t know who started the parade, but it’s grown into a local event there, and it’s also the place where you’re most likely to meet men dressed as Hopi clown kachinas cavorting with women running around in Wonder Womancostumes.

As I’m half a planet away, it’s impossible for me to make it out to Santa Barbara. But in my mind’s eye I’m DJing while rolling down State Street on a flatbed truck equipped with a huge soundsystem. I made a mix CD that would be what I’d play for such a party – mostly Brazilian-influenced electronica – and I’m happy to send copies to anyone who asks nicely and puts their snailmail address in an e-mail to douglas at

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