VISA Taxis: Letter to VISA CEMEA

After looking around the VISA website today trying to find the appropriate person to talk to about the problem with the VISA taxis, I came across an e-mail address that may be useful, CEMEA is Central Europe, Middle East and Africa, and is handled out of London.

I talked with Eric Best about this today, and he said that maybe VISA doesn’t really care about the Czech Republic too much, as its site lists as business partners Union Banka and Banka Hana, both of which have long since gone bankrupt.

Here’s the letter I sent:


I’m not sure if you’re the person to talk to about this, but I would like to file a complaint about a company that prominently displays the VISA logo – and I’m assuming has a special relationship with VISA CEMEA.

The company is located in Prague, Czech Republic, and is named Fix spol. s.r.o. Fix operates an airport taxi service out of Prague Ruzyne airport, and all of their cars prominently display the VISA logo. In fact, most visitors to Prague assume that VISA operates these cars.

The problem is that the good name and reputation of VISA is being tarnished by this company and its dangerous, reckless drivers, who rarely adhere to local traffic laws and regularly cause problems for drivers in the city.

As evidence of this problem, I am enclosing an editorial from a local commentary website, the Final Word, which describes the problem in greater detail.

Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Douglas Arellanes

Updated 22:11 Wednesday – It seems my mail was bounced from Visa with the reason that “the recipient was unavailable to take your message.” Ach jo.

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