Cyril and Methodius/Jan Hus

Over at the Dagley Dagley Dailey, Janet Dagley has two excellent posts on why we celebrate Cyril and Methodius Day and Jan Hus Day. Both Cyril and Methodius have something in common with St. Patrick, by the way.

St. Patrick wasn’t important for green beer or shamrock shakes. He was the guy who invented lower-case letters as a way of bridging the gap between Roman letters (which are all capital) and Celtic Uncial letters. Through this invention, as with Cyrillic, Christianity was able to spread more easily.

And I’m sure that if we didn’t have Jan Hus’ hačeks and čarkas, Czech would look very different than it does today. Probably a lot more like Polish.

Update 14:27 Monday Jul 7: Forgot to mention the link was via Ohrada News.

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