The 51% Potraviny

Yeah, so it’s really getting to be cucumber season.

In the neighborhood potraviny near our office, I’m always amazed at how few of the items are things I’d actually want to buy. It’s as if it’s being stocked by people who are doing either “naschvaly” or “Kanadské žerty” (and don’t ask me why they’re called Canadian Jokes. I really don’t know why, except to postulate that at some point some crafty Canadian poured maple syrup on the throne of Emperor Franz Ferdinand. But I digress.)

I’ve taken to assigning random values to my superficial observations, and can state with certainty that there’s a 51% chance that the potraviny will have something I’m looking for. If I want soy sauce, they’ll have rows of worcestershire. If I’m looking for peanuts, they’ll have cashews. No sage, but plenty of thyme.

It’s not like I’m looking for exotic items like peanut butter, which has, according to this article, been rebranded and retranslated from araÅ¡idové máslo to araÅ¡idová pomazanka because it was being stocked in the dairy section.

It’s been quite some time that even the local potraviny has had a bar code scanner. But maybe someone in the management at Včela isn’t paying attention to the data generated. Or maybe they’re just Canadian.

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