Budvar for sale?

One of the assets considered to be the Czechs’ “family silver” may be on the auction block. Budvar, brewers of what many believe to be the finest beer in the Czech Republic (and arguably in the world), is being eyed as a potential privatization target. The asking price would possibly be around 12 billion crowns ($428 million USD, if my calculator’s working right).

A big question is whether Anheuser-Busch would want to buy Budvar. I’ve written here before about their previous ill-starred efforts. But $428 million is a lot of cash for what would be – in their mass-production view – a niche brand. But then again, they’ve probably spent that much on attorneys in their various copyright cases against Budvar over the Budweiser brand name.

Blesk has a story on it today, but it’s been bouncing around the Czech media this week.

This doesn’t have much to do with the story, but in looking for a nice photo to use I stumbled on this site, which apparently has pictures of urinals around the world. Here’s what the urinals of the Budvar brewery look like.

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