Bloggers and DJs

Xeni Jardin is one of the people I’d really like to meet on one of my future trips to LA. In addition to being one of the editors of Boing Boing, one of my favorite sites of all time, Xeni’s been experimenting with a moblog and phone-cam setup, and I like what I’m seeing so far. Marc Brown, who really is everywhere, is also in beta testing for a moblog-hosting service, Buzznet, that’s pretty cool.

One of Xeni’s recent posts mentioned a conversation she had with a friend that pointed out the similarities between DJs and bloggers. She’s totally right. Most DJs filter through a lot of stuff, highlighting the stuff that stands out. So do bloggers. Both serve as filters.

But the great ones, like DJ Krush or my man the Rev. Tony Pierce, manage to create something consistently new all the way. The rest of us merely point to the great ones.

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