Scott MacMillan has an excellent post about his recent experiences at the just-completed Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. He mentions that there’s quite a controversy at the MF Dnes newsroom over a story that ran this week about the way corporate sponsors treat their VIPs at the festival. In this case, the VIPs aren’t usually celebrities, but government officials.

For example, Czech Telecom paid for a suite (and presumably all expenses) for IT Minister Vladimír Mlynař at the Grandhotel Pupp (this right after Mlynař paved the way for Telecom’s takeover of Eurotel), and ČEZ did the same for another group of government higherups.

MF Dnes had the story, but it was squashed by the publisher because MF Dnes is also a sponsor of the festival.

Go read Scott’s post about the fallout. Would the star reporter in question have the initials S.S.?