Sober as a Czech judge

From today’s Lidove noviny and translated by me:

This isn’t the judge in question, natch.

Judge forbidden to judge due to drinking on the job

Prague – The Punitive Senate of the High Court in Olomouc has punished judge Petr Herman due to drinking on the job. But the judge of the county court in Blansko cannot judge for the time being. The decision is not official, however, because Herman has appealed to the Supreme Court.

“He drank what he could. Like vodka,” said one employee of the judge’s office, confirming his inclinations to alcohol, who did not want to use her name. “I know it from hearsay. I didn’t see him drink myself. He sat in the office alone,” she revealed.

Justice Minister Pavel Rychetský made note of the case yesterday. “This is about a judge who repeatedly came to work drunk and insulted participants,” he said. Vladislav Å lapák, spokesman of the High Court in Olomouc, corrected the minister. “The judge in question repeatedly enjoyed alcoholic beverages in the workplace. Once, in a drunken state he acted inappropriately to trial participants. It wasn’t in the courtroom, but in his office,” he added.

So much for the American phrase, “sober as a judge.”

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