Under the Cherry Moon

Here’s something mainly for my main man Barney: Flipping through the channels tonight, I came across an interesting combination: Prince’s 1986 movie “Under the Cherry Moon” dubbed into Czech and shown on Slovak TV Markiza. Prince sounds a lot different in the dubbed version.

Thankfully they didn’t dub the songs.

“Under the Cherry Moon” has one of the best soundtracks ever in “Parade,” even if dumbass Rolling Stone gave it only two stars when it came out. That was back when they were in their Classic Rock phase. Oh, I forgot. They’re still in that.

Barney once explained “Under the Cherry Moon” to me this way: It’s Prince and his friends having fun in France. No more, no less.

I’ve got to admit that while I’m a pretty big fan of the man of many names, I haven’t seen the movie. There’s sort of a story, but really it’s just a party. That came through loud and clear tonight.

Anyway, dubbing generally is a crime. What’s funny is that the Czechs are perversely proud of their dubbing. They’ll tell you: “yeah, when we dub shows we try to find actors who look like their foreign counterparts.”

The problem with dubbing is that inevitably you get only a fraction of the original sound design. Dubbing is a crime in any language. Kolya, Skřivanci na niti or Sedmikrasky dubbed into English would be just as stupid and wrong.

The wrongest dubbing I’ve seen in a Czech movie was the utterly atrocious hack job done on “Citizen Kane.”

But Christopher Scheer, as he usually does, one-upped me with a story about going to see a porn (um, sorry, erotic) film with simultaneous interpreting, where the interpreter, who was clearly thinking about all the ham sandwiches in the lobby, translated even the moans in an uninterested voice: oh, yes, oh, oh.

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