Gawker, the excellent New York-based gossip site, is rapidly becoming a key source of new words for me. I’ve previously mentioned “Zeta-Jonesing” here (Gawker explains that to Zeta-Jones means “to eat ravenously, as if downing last bowl of Sally Struthers-provided rice in the midst of a famine.”)

Now here’s another word for you: “Metrosexual.” Here’s their definition: “the current crop of fashionable, foppish, dandyish and yet somehow sexually straight men. Guys with frosted hair and $100 tee shirts. Guys who loofah.”

Adding to that is a variation from one of their readers: “Neverosexual.”

“Metrosexual is a fine word, though I recently heard a better one: neverosexual. Here’s the definition: nev·er·o·sex·u·al n. a person who never has sex, generally in spite of his or her best efforts; adj. Of or relating to a person who just can’t get laid. Usage: People used to think he was gay. But in reality he’s just neverosexual.”

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