The Rum Pipeline

This is
an artist’s
rendition of
what the
sign might
look like.
Today’s has an article on what is surely one of the most innovative pieces of infrastructure in the Czech Republic: A rum pipeline. Here’s my translation of the brief article:

JINDŘICHŮV HRADEC, 23 July 2003 – For almost a year, it’s been possible to fill up with rum at a gas station on the highway between Nova Bystřice and Jindřichův Hradec. The traditional product of the neighboring distillery is delivered by a rum pipeline.

The distillate is brought to a table in the gas station by pipes from the nearby factory where it is made. Customers of the gas station can fill up from a glass cylinder.

Because this unusual service is celebrating its first anniversary, on Saturday, July 26, customers who buy more than 500 crowns (around $18 USD) worth of gas will get a free half-liter of the local “Tuzemak.”

Since last year, drivers have been able to buy the rum at a discount when filling up with gas or diesel.

I just want to point out that Czechs have had to rename what they previously called “rum” because of EU directives requiring that rum be made exclusively from sugar cane. Czech ‘tuzemak’ is made from beets. (‘Tuzemak’ means literally something like ‘domestic,’ but a word like ‘homebrew’ is closer to its, um, spirit). Another workaround was calling the drink R.U.M.

One thought on “The Rum Pipeline

  1. i’ve been trying to find ‘tuzemak’. any ideas how to find it in texas? it is the most wonderful, rum, even if it’s not rum. i miss it.

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