Bloopy on Digital Photography

On the the advice of Bloopy, International Man of Leisure, I recently bought a digital camera, the excellent 4-megapixel Canon Ixus S400. For a teeny little camera (it’s about the size of a cigarette pack), it takes astonishingly good pictures.

Over at his weblog at (which is still one of the best domain names ever), he has a couple of really useful posts about not only picking a digital camera, but also printing out pictures. Now thanks to his advice, I have to do a bit of sleuthing to find a photo lab here in Kafkaville that uses the Fuji Frontier developing machine, which is his best bet for quality digital photographic prints.

And as if to cement his digital-photo-badass status, Bloopy recommended another interesting trick: if you have enough storage space on your memory card, save your images as “Raw” on the camera and let Photoshop handle image compression; Photoshop has better algorithms than the little ones that are built into the camera.

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