Stealing a Tram

tram.jpg While recovering from a long night out with my most excellent friend Jeanine and her brother Chris, who were in from L.A. and Wolfsburg, and Klara Nemravová, in from Planet Rock, I came across this amusing story from ČTK. The translation’s mine.

Suspect steals tram in Plzeň, runs away after joyride

An unknown suspect stole a tram in Plzeň Friday night. In the middle of the track he abandoned the empty tram and disappeared in a nearby city park.

“It happened on Line No. 4 on Tachovská street. After a joyride the still unknown man stopped the tram at the U Lékařské fakulty stop on Karlovarská street and ran away,” said Western Czech Police spokesman Jolana Číhová. The man chose a moment at the terminus where the driver wasn’t paying attention, as the tram’s doors were open to air out.

Police are investigating the case as a misuse of property and the suspect could face two years in prison or a fine.

Please tell me there was a low-speed tram chase through the streets of Plzeň. Please tell me that.

Back in the day, when I used to live out in SidliÅ¡tě Ďablice with Ken Layne, Tom Burkett and Wade Daniels, there was one time Wade talked about how funny it would be to hijack a tram. You’d get in the tram, and tell the driver, “this tram is now going to Kobylisy.”

“But this tram is already going to Kobylisy,” the driver’d say.

“Shut up and drive.”

I still laugh thinking about that.

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