It’s Hot!

The weather babe on Nova and the weather hippy on CT1 are both saying that it’s going to be real hot through this week. How hot? 33 Celsius (91 Fahrenheit) is the official estimate, but yesterday my car’s thermometer was saying it was 38C (100F).

While that may not mean a lot to Californians like me, it is positively unbearable for Czechs, who are more accustomed to cold, long winters. Few businesses (save for the new hypermarkets) have air conditioning, and even fewer apartments, and with good reason: Why spend all that money on a device that you’ll need only one month out of the year?

But that was before people started to take the concept of global warming seriously. The key point about global warming isn’t that it’s going to just get hotter, but that weather will get more severe. Remember that this time last year was when the floods happened.

For four years now, cyberpunk writer, sci-fi genius and all-around-bad-ass-dude Bruce Sterling has working to create a movement that unites scientists, artists, designers and engineers (and anybody else who gives a hoot) around the challenge of global warming. This movement is called Viridian, after the electric green color.

Being such a forward-thinking guy, Sterling sends out missives to the Viridian mailing list. They’re funny, smart, trenchant, and very well annotated.

Today’s Viridian Note, number 00376, talks about how Europe is burning. It’s a great introduction to a new way of thinking about global warming, one that is all the more relevant on a hot day like today.

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