The BBC Czech Service interviewed Scott MacMillan and yours truly today for an article about weblogs. The reporter, Ondrej Stindl, is quite a smart guy, and has spent some time in the blogosphere, and that isn’t always the case among reporters.

Scott had the better quotes, and was generally the smarter guy, which is true in real life too. I was happy I didn’t sound like a total doofus, which is usually the case with me. There were a whole lot of things I wish I’d said in the interview, though.

I’d link to the story, but it isn’t up on the BBC Czech website. There is a link to the Real Audio, and I think the piece is about 45 minutes into the “Svet o seste” (World at Six) broadcast. They don’t permalink on the site, so this will be good for the next 24 hours or so.

Update: 12:20 Wed Aug 06: The correct time into the broadcast is 23 minutes, 22 seconds.