I don’t exactly know why this is the case, but many world-famous personalities, even “serious” actors and musicians, go to Japan and shoot TV ads. Arnold Schwarzenegger is no exception, having filmed quite a few of these ads in the last decade. If only Gray Davis, the current California governor, were to promote weird energy drinks.

This site, Japander.com, is an archive of stars’ Japanese ads, and worth spending some time in just for sheer weirdness.

One other thought about Schwarzenegger’s candidacy: No matter what happens in this crazy election, I think we’ll all know how to spell his name when this whole thing is done. One ‘N,” two ‘G’s’.

As the proud owner of a difficult-to-spell name, maybe I should become a candidate for California governor so that people will know how to spell it. One ‘R’, two ‘L’s’.

Big merci to Emmanuelle Richard for the link!