The view from Silicon Valley

For the benefit of all three of my Czech readers, I’ve decided to add a new category to the blog, “California governor recall,” so that maybe I can provide a bit of insight into the situation in California’s gubernatorial recall and election.

In my weekly call home yesterday I asked what was really going on in the California governor recall race. My dad pointed out that really there are two questions in the election, which boil down to: 1) Do you want to keep Gray Davis as governor? and 2) If not, then who?

He said that at least among the people he knew, the feelings on the first question were pretty deeply mixed. While nobody likes seeing an election “hijacked” (his term), Gray Davis is a weasel and is not to be trusted.

Whether it’ll be Schwarzenegger or not is still a question, and even my Dad was more than curious to hear anything of real substance from the Governator.

In the meantime, Matt Welch is on the case. His blog should be one of the first places to check for information on the election.

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