The set wrap-up

Last night’s set started out strong and didn’t let up until we we all couldn’t literally go on anymore. And here I thought it’d be a mellow Monday night. No. People were ready to move, and move they did.

In addition to the new Los Amigos Invisibles/Masters At Work “Venezuelan Zinga Son, Vol. 1”, and a bunch of other new stuff I’ve gotten since the last gig, Tony brought a couple of killers: the new Koop remix album, which I’m listening to now, and the new Gilles Peterson Worldwide 3, which has an amazing straight-outta-leftfield Latin remix of James Brown’s “Give It Up Or Turn It Loose.” Sooooo good.

Over at the Daily Czech, Petr Bokuvka writes about how he doesn’t really like club music. To be honest, neither do I. Just as with any genre of music, it’s easy to get swamped with junk. The trick, though, isn’t to turn away from music altogether, as many people tend to do. Instead, just as with blogging, the secret is to find those whose taste you respect, and navigate accordingly.

For me, my DJ bookmarks include Gilles Peterson at BBC Radio 1, Michael Reinboth and Rainer Truby at Compost Records, Masters at Work, and a lot of others that I’m too lazy to mention here.

Does that mean I don’t listen to other music? Hell, no. I prefer a broadband approach to all media, taking in as much as humanly possible at all times, from alt-country to dechovka to speed metal to modernist classical. People who decide they don’t like one style of music or another are the ones missing out on good fun.

Nobody likes a music snob, so the challenge is to explain why you like one style of music or another in a way someone with diametrically opposed interests can understand. And when they don’t, well, tough knedliky. You pick up and move on.

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