Airplanes and Robots

OK. Here’s one of those admissions that will forever mark me as being a geek. Here goes anyway.

One of my favorite picnic spots is out on the edge of Ruzyně Airport, where the runway begins and the planes come in to land, weather permitting. It’s great because it’s not like LAX or Schiphol, with a plane landing every 30 seconds. At Ruzyne, you’ll have a good 10-15 minutes between landings, and when they land, it’s pretty neat too. (It’s not like you’re exactly on the tarmac like in U2’s “Beautiful Day” video, but it’s still close enough to thrill.)

Last night while picnicking out there I noticed the twin 747s of Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi, who was in town on a state visit. I’ve known about Air Force One, but two 747s? Then I remembered that Koizumi was traveling with Asimo, Honda’s amazing humanoid robot.

I know this has been linked by both Geoff Goodfellow and Steve Hercher, but I gotta link it too ‘coz it’s so cool. Click here for the BBC video report on Asimo at dinner with Czech Prime Minister Vladimír Å pidla and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (Real Video required).

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