Raise a půllitr for the Czech Republic, who now lead the world in per capita beer consumption, ahead of such heavyweights as Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Great Britain.

Through great sacrifice and hard work, Czechs consumed a whopping 326 pints of beer for every man, woman and child in the country. The Brits fell pretty dramatically, mostly due to the rising popularity of wine. (Link via Fark)

The article goes on to point out that Norway is the most expensive place to buy a beer (3.52 GBP/165 CZK), followed by Malaysia (3.29 GBP/154 CZK), and Japan (2.84 GBP/133 CZK). Suddenly, that 15-crown half liter at the lokalka looks pretty appealing… Hey, I’m just doing my part!

Update Mon 25 Aug 2003: Peter at Prague.tv points out they have a real-time beer consumption calculator up and running. Worth checking out. Hey, that’s my beer they just counted!