Back in Kafkaville

I’m back in Kafkaville, having gotten in late last night from the always-excellent Copenhagen.

My presentation was relatively well-received, on ways the UN, through its World Summit on Information Society, could improve the uptake of information and communication technology through the promotion of Free and Open Source software. The suggestions I made, to item 8 in the declaration on Media and ICTs, were taken, but you have to envision the process as being something like the quarterfinals of a tournament. The proposals go from here to three more “pre-events” and then on to the general summit in Geneva in December.

At least this time around people knew that Open Source has something to do with Linux. That’s a plus.

There were some potentially interesting conflicts of interest in the upcoming rounds of talks – namely surrounding intellectual property vs. the free flow of information (from this round, it looks like the librarians are pissed at the scientific journal publishers, who are price-gouging thanks to their monopoly position).

There was a lot of talking. But we’ll see what comes of it.

For me, I was happy to be back in the always-beautiful Copenhagen, and got to hang out at the always-excellent Cafe Ketchup. And is it me, or has ČSA gotten a lot better in recent months?

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