The big winner in the post-Pill-Post dustup

Just like Pragueblog (and about three other people who get _really_ worked up about Prague English-language media) I’ve been following the discussion over at about the demise of the Pill.

Unlike the others, though, I’ve followed it with the same level of interest one gives to a fender-bender on the kulat’ak. I didn’t have a dog in that fight.

I do have friends who wrote for the Pill, and I have a long-standing simmering resentment with the Frankenberg and Hawrlyuk for what they did to Prognosis back in the day, but I’ve moved on from it, and from the expats bubble.

Regardless of whose side you come down on in the Post vs. Pill debate, one thing is clear in the aftermath: was the place everybody turned to discuss things. For that, the sysops over at deserve a tip of the chipped pullitr. And if you aren’t regularly visiting, you really should be hitting the refresh button like a monkey in a cocaine experiment.

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