Buzznet from Schiphol

I’m in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, sitting on a couch near the “meditation centre” with a wi-fi connection. I’ve managed to get my digital camera to work with my Buzznet account, so for the next few days, provided I can get a network connection, I’ll be posting pictures from my trip to South Africa.

You can see the most recent five pictures over on the left hand margin under the “Buzznet” logo.

Buzznet, by the way, is my friend Marc Brown’s excellent new photo/moblog hosting service. All you have to do is take a digital picture, attach it as an e-mail and whammo, it’s up on your buzznet site. Mine, by the way, is at

Now it’s off to the not-too-shabby record store here at Schiphol, which for some unexplainable reason has the entire stock of Hed Kandi compilations. Go figure.

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