Back in Cape Town

The Highway Africa Conference has ended, and I’m back in Cape Town, doing a bit of work and a bit of R and R. I was interviewed by one of the journalism students at Rhodes University, which ran a newspaper during the conference called “Open Source.” Here’s the story.

I’m really chuffed they wrote about me and about CAMP. Any publicity is good publicity, I guess. But thanks to the web, I have the ability to rebut a few things the reporter got wrong. They are as follows: 1) My name is spelled Arellanes. 2) We’re in the Czech Republic, not Czechoslovakia 3) Our CAMPSITE software is being used in lots of places around the world, but the sites in Guatemala and Sierra Leone aren’t up yet.

I really don’t mean to be snarky, though. The reporter was earnest and eager to write about what we do, which is always great.

If you want to see photos, you can check the Buzznet strip on the left.

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