I’m DJing at Palac Akropolis’ Mala Scena this Thursday night, Sept. 18, and have picked up some interesting stuff from South Africa.

I managed to find a couple of cool record shops, most notably one in the Pan African Market, an old building with lots of little booths and traders from all over the continent selling mostly crafts. Think Blade Runner in Africa. There I found a little booth with typical South African township music (think Paul Simon’s groundbreaking Graceland record), but also with stuff closer to what’s happening now in local clubs.

Hip hop is viral in the best of ways, and in Cape Town it’s represented by African Dope Records. I picked up all I could buy in the store, and the most interesting record was one called “The Ziggurat,” a concept album complete with hardcover book and comic by Constructus Corporation.

I’m looking forward to playing what’ll be a solo gig, and should run the gamut from old-school salsa all the way out to abstract South African beatz. Should be a good night, provided I can get past the solo jitters.