All Hail Sam Beckwith!

Let’s all give a big welcome to a new blog on the block, by Prague TV contributor and Internet Celebrity Sam Beckwith. While the blog is real new (only a few posts so far, but I like what I see so far), he’s got a lot of stuff up on his other site,

He’s already scored points by pointing out the website of the newly-appointed US ambassador to Prague. Far be it from me to question Mr. Cabaniss’ qualifications, though. I’ll leave that to other, more qualified citizens of the Internet.

I was especially intrigued by his DJ geek work to replace the red LEDs in his Technics 1200s with blue LEDs. That’s pretty damn cool in my book. Thanks to Peter from Prague TV for the heads-up.

Now I gotta go get ready for tonight’s Akropolis throwdown. No blue LEDs for me, though, only the blue glow of a Sony VAIO. I have utmost respect for people who can rock a turntable, though. In my own case, I never ever learned to read or write so well, but I can drive a mouse just like a’ringin’ a bell.

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