Critical mass


Last night’s set at the Akropolis was pretty lightly attended, but it was still fun for the people who were there. Being a DJ gives you some interesting insights into human behavior, that’s for sure. One thing that’s interesting is how people want to be around other people; it’s really not about the music anywhere near how much it is about the people in the room. If the room’s empty, people will stick their heads in and go away.

Clubs like Lavka or N11 manage to draw large crowds despite their music being essentially the same as what you get from the radio. But those aren’t really clubs as much about music as they are about meeting people. The Akropolis in general – at least on nights I’ve been there, and those have been quite a few – is about music firstly. Of course, feeling sexy, looking good, chatting someone up, having drinks – did I mention the sexy part? They all play a role, but the music is the most important.

When it comes to dancing, people are incredibly conservative. They won’t generally dance to stuff they don’t know. You could have advance-pressing material from important labels (like I did last night), but they won’t dance to it because it’s not on the radio, or it’s not what the other DJs are playing. Only then, six months down the road, do the kids get it, and then the thing (the club, the single, the whatever) hits critical mass.

I’m not sniffing because I didn’t have five hundred people ‘avin eet, mate! That kind of night is its own kind of straitjacket. But I’m pretty chuffed (my South African friends use that word waaaay too much) that I had a couple of people in from Rio who were especially surprised I had as much new Brazilian stuff as I did, and that was great.

Notable music on the playlist this time around:

Freshlyground | Mood Phase 5ive | Koop – Alternative Takes | Fernanda Porto | DJ Patife

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