Over at Lespassions, Johanka mentions that she sat through part of an entire night’s program on TV Nova, and that at the end of it, she felt like her IQ dropped 20 points.

Having lost more points than that in a night, I was reminded of something my friend Os said about the show Baywatch: nobody’s actually seen an entire episode of Baywatch. I mean, really, has anyone actually sat through an entire episode of Baywatch?

I have to admit that there’s another, additional reason for running the gratuitous David Hasselhoff picture, which is to welcome Bloopy back to Kafkaville after an extended sojourn working for The Company or planting crabgrass or making sure bottles of absinthe make their way to well-known bloggers or whatever the hell he was doing in the US of A. If you aren’t hip to his blog, at www.thatnotsofreshfeeling.com, you’re missing out.