MuDr. Petr Kott In Friday’s 100-98 vote of no confidence, which the Å pidla government survived, one opposition politician, Petr Kott, was unable to vote in the close election due to his extreme drunkenness.

Apparently, he had a few rounds before the vote. So many in fact, that he was unable to cast a vote. Apparently, rumors are circulating that his opponents in the Social Democrats may have bought him the rounds, the BBC Czech Service reported this evening. Apparently, it’s pretty difficult to operate one of those complicated yes-or-no voting machines.

His party, the Civic Democrats (ODS), is now calling for him to step down. Like most Czech politicians – and most politicians in general – this is something he isn’t too happy about doing.

The problem is that if he doesn’t completely resign, he would likely stay in the parliament, albeit not as a member of the ODS, and their ability to win a future vote of no confidence would be diminished bz one more vote.

According to the Fleet Sheet’s Final Word, one of the opposition’s strategies in coming months will be to call repeated votes of no confidence, eventually sapping the fragile coalition.

So in this way, the MP who couldn’t walk a straight line on Friday will make for wobbly balance in the whole parliament in coming months.