In the Czech Republic, which leads the world in the per capita consumption of beer, it takes a lot to be notorious for your drinking. But drunken MP Petr Kott has done exactly that.

Only now he says he wasn’t drunk, but rather that he didn’t want to stop the government’s reform package. Hm.

A correction to my previous post about Kott: he wasn’t wasted during the vote of no confidence, but during the budget reform vote that occurred before the vote of no confidence.

Today’s MF Dnes had an excellent letter to the editor, which I’ll translate:

I don’t understand why the media is making an affair out of the minor decline of MP Kott. When I follow the parliament’s sessions, it appears to me that they’re all drunk. And if it’s not exceptionally with alcohol, it’s definitely with power. There’s nothing left for me to do but ask all parliamentarians to follow the advice of MP Tlustý, and resign.