In keeping with my interest in mixing cultures, I’ve always wanted to take an old Tatra 603 and turn it into a lowrider, complete with dingleballs, diamond tuck-n-roll interior and of course, the Aztec mural on the hood. Or maybe, in a nod to local culture, I’d use a reproduction from one of Mucha’s Slav epic paintings.

If I had a lowrider Tatra, I’d go cruising, low and slow. On several occasions I’ve talked with friends about which street in Prague would be best for cruising. I’d have to say it’d probably be up on Letna, because there’s lots of places to park. But maybe Budějovická wouldn’t be bad.

In the same vein, I came across this site today, Lowrider.pl, a Polish site devoted to lowriders. And it’s for real. My favorite: the 1964 Warszawa 203.

There seems to be a small but growing interest in customizing Eastern European cars. Wired recently had a story about Liz Cohen, who made an East German Trabant into a lowrider. It actually did some pretty trick things with its hydraulics, and as you can see from this drawing, it turned into a mini El Camino.

Updated 13:17 Tue Oct 7 2003: While checking a Tatra discussion board, I actually found a picture of a lowrider Tatra 603. Excellent!

Updated II 15:12 Tue Oct 7 2003: I also found a Czech site devoted to lowriders: Lowmemory.cz. Cooooool!

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