Send Tony to the World Series

My good friend and fellow Gaucho and Nexite Tony Pierce has one of the best weblogs in the known universe. No news there. Now he’s asking his numerous readers for help. As he puts it:

im not saying i deserve to see the cubs in the world series, or that this cub team is one of the finest ever, or that there arent more important things to be rallying around than getting my ass back where it belongs in the bleachers of wrigley field. but im going. i called my mom today and told her. i called my sister and told her. i told my boss and my bosses boss and pretty much everyone i talked to. i told karisa that if the red sox make it then i’ll take her, and thats when my sister called up and said that she has enough air miles to send me and karisa out there and back for free.

im going to the world series and so are the cubs.

on my damn birthday.

and of course i know that asking for money is a dirty thing and uncomfortable and weird and you know what, not for me. and it isnt any of those things when i give it either. i would definately flow my favorite bloggers twenty bones for their birthday especially if it would help them get bleacher seats to their favorite team in the fall classic. why not? if i really liked him id even think about forty. wtf afterall.

So help get Tony Pierce to the World Series to see his beloved Cubs. Make a 108-year-old blogger’s day by clicking here.

My only problem is that filthy PayPal won’t accept credit card transactions from Czech banks, so while I can’t flow Tony personally, I can at least promote the idea.

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