(Live webcam courtesy of www.prague-city.cz)

It’s gray and dreary and cold here in Kafkaville, which is how it is every year about this time. And every year I forget how it gets here, socked in under semi-permanent cloud cover, making me wait for anything – snow, rain, hail, clear skies, swarms of frogs – anything to break the monotony of the Cold Gray.

When Matt Welch wrote the weather column in the Nexus Back In The Day, he coined an excellent term that I still use: not-rain.

So if I were to describe the weather here today, it would be “not-rain.” If it were a sound, it would be a dial tone. If it were a food, it would be a dumpling. A monotonous drone where nothing happens, but generalized discomfort is felt by all.

UPDATE Thu Oct 23 14:33 – The sun has started shining again on and off, as the webcam shows. But it’s still butt-cold.