Scams, cons and ripoffs are the in the news today, with České noviny translating a Der Spiegel article about Prague becoming more unpopular with tourists. As the article puts it:

[Prague] has a problem to preserve its own reputation. It has lost many lovers in the past two years, which does not so much connected with the fear of terrorism rather than with the wide-ranging daylight robbery and dubious conspiracy of criminals with some policemen.

Over at (which still has to be one of the best domain names ever, but I digress), Bloopy comes through with solid tips on how to avoid common scams while traveling, including the The Lost Tourist, The Fake Cop and The Third Man.

As he is an International Man of Leisure, Bloopy knows a thing or two about traveling. By his own admission, because he looks “like a total mark,” all the scams he writes about are ones he’s witnessed firsthand.

Very useful information for travelers anywhere in the world, but doubly useful here in Kafkaville.